Message from Steve our rector 3rd November 2020

Hello everyone

As we head into difficult times, the first thing to say is that we are in this together, Martin our assistant minister talks this week about the way that we (you) have pulled together through these difficult times, and how encouraged he is, we should all be encouraged! Friends stay strong for yourself and each other…

There are a few changes that we will have to make

We will put on hold all of the services in church, both the Sunday BCP and Wednesday communion.
We have also cancelled our outdoor remembrance day service and have moved it online, details to follow.
We dont take this decision lightly and despite the confusion over the government guidance for Sunday, we want to make sure we comply with the law and also the spirit of the law.
We are going to reduce the time the church is open for private prayer on a Wednesday morning to just 9 till 10 to reduce the time we spend physically together.
To compensate somewhat we are going to start up
A virtual coffee morning on zoom 10-11 on Saturday mornings, we have the facility if anyone wants to chat privately with each other then we can put you into a chat room together, just let me know.
I’m going to say morning prayer online at 8.30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and if anyone would like to join me then you would be most welcome.
All The zoom meetings will have the same login as the normal Sunday one.
And I’m hoping to start an online bible study next Wednesday, if I can get the printing done.
I do appreciate that all of these initiatives are based on line, and there are some people who are not connected which makes the phone calls imperative, if you know someone who is not connected than please ring them up for a chat and check on their welfare, any issues please let me know and we will try and sort them out.
Every blessing

We have a Prayer Tree Network set up whereby one request for prayer, to Sue, will result in many members of our congregation praying into that request. Requests can be e-mailed to  sue-upton@talk21.com

On the Service Page there is an outline of a simply Daily Worship service , it contains prayers and readings that you can say at home.

More information will appear here and in a weekly news sheet, as it becomes available

Whether you have big questions, are wanting to find out more, have a young faith or a long-established faith, we’d love to meet you.

We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ, and seek to live with him at the centre of our lives as we grow as a family. We love welcoming new people, learning from God’s word, the bible and sharing the good news.

You should find most of the details that you need on the website, but should you want to find out more, please do contact Steve or check out our Facebook page

For Safeguarding Officers see Contacts page